cnc machining

Substantial investments in machinery, from vertical machining centers to large horizontal boring mills, make Comet one of the most well-equipped shops in the Midwest. Experienced operators and a variety of large and small machines enable us to handle complex shapes and close tolerances on any size mold.


To stay on top of the latest plastic injection moldmaking technology, Comet has consistently updated its engineering systems. Our team of in-house engineers can manage the entire production path - from part design, to mold design, to CNC programming. We work with customers to find the best solutions for their unique needs. Our moldmaking engineers design custom molds using the latest technology.


Our Company was founded by engravers and continues to offer die and mold engraving, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional, by machine, hand, and chemical etching. We will help you determine the best way to engrave your job.


More than 30 years of texturing experience places Comet in a class itself. Our Cometex method of etching enables us to texture a mold with virtually any pattern or drawing.

gun drilling

Comet offers the largest, most sophisticated gun drilling equipment in the area, complete with an auxiliary head for tapping, spot facing, counter boring, thread cutting and light milling.

die casting

Die casting has many advantages including excellent

dimensional accuracy, smooth cast surfaces, thinner

walls can be cast as compared to sand and permanent

mold casting, plus inserts can be cast-in (such as

threaded inserts, heating elements, and high strength

bearing surfaces).  Die casting also reduces or eliminates

secondary machining operations and has rapid

production rates.

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